Beautiful Summer! Beautiful You!

We waited all year to click into our summer loves. Some of you may cherish that morning beverage outdoors or the sweet smell of grass.

Wherever you are ...near the water, hiking the mountains, gazing at stars or just admiring the flowers, I hope that you are enjoying in season plant bounty. Now is the time to empower yourself with the micronutrients as they ripen.

Have you tried growing your own? Start with herbs and then find a pot or place for one vegetable next year. You'll be surprised how easy and unbelievably tasty your meals suddenly become.

At present our garden has an abundance of mint, lavender and thyme. Smoothies, teas and savory fish have resulted. 

What do you cook with the most in summer? basil? tomatoes? zucchini?

Whole plant food supercharges your internal biology which translates into awesome hashtags, status or whatever "floats your boat"!



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