Hawthorne for a Happy Heart

Used since the first century to heal heart issues and symptoms of heart failure, Hawthorne micro nutrients are building a modern day reputation for real results. I have been enjoying the berries in tea and using the dried powder in smoothies. If you have ever been on any medication that could weaken heart muscles or cause mineral build up in the heart, hawthorne would be your friend. If you are fortunate to live near a Hawthorne tree or bush, they can be harvested and made into a healing syrup for the winter.
Organic producers in the US can provide you with dried berries and powders currently being harvested.

What to Really Love About Hawthorne Berries

Micronutrients such as flavanoids, rutin and many more improve circulation and trigger helpful hormone mechanisms. The result is a balance in your blood vessel dilation and constriction which keeps your cardiovascular system strong and produces a noticeable difference in your energy.

The University of Maryland studies showed Hawthorne berries improved blood flow and even help to lower the LDL cholesterol. Supplementation with dried Hawthorne helped clear out triglycerides which is what we want to keep a strong heart. Would you give Hawthorne a chance to balance your blood sugar and lower cholesterol before the need for serious medicine arises?

How to Enjoy Hawthorne Berries

If you are with an expert on identification, you can pick from a Hawthorne bush or tree in wild. You also can plant a tree or bush if you live in an area where they thrive. The variety, Winter King Hawthorne is used as an ornamental with beautiful white flowers in the spring. 

Pick a handful of berries, press, boil water and pour over berries. Let steep for awhile before you strain into a cup to enjoy as fortifying tea. You can add leaves of your favorite green teas for unique flavor and nutrient blast.

Another way to include in your day is in the form of a powder available for sale online from organic producers. Powder is easy to add to smoothies or beverages.

Traditional Medicinals and other herbal tea purveyors produce teas using Hawthorne berries along with other herbals. You can purchase them at the health food store or online. 

Like other edible berries, you want to avoid the pit if you choose to eat when ripe as a trailside nibble. 

Syrup can be made with the berries which can be a marvelous pancake topping. Check online for recipes.


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